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Below is an example of our “Radio Stream Listener Tracking Software”

It has been almost impossible to track listeners, to independently verify the claims

Internet Radio Stations make about their total numbers of listeners.

Until NOW!

We can supply software to track and prove (or disprove)

any station's listener claims.

Q. Why this radio station? A. Because the there are false claims on their home page...

Do you own this radio station? Would you like to purchase a copy of the software?


Today's Lyrics "Uh oh we're in trouble

Something's come along and it's burst our bubble"

Yesterdays Lyrics "(Rock the boat), don't tip the boat over"


Real Screenshot Below

How to read the totals: TLH=Total Listener Hours. Left column day part (Hours)
Average this Hour (Calculated Average) / Max Peak (Most online at onetime)

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Copyright (c) 2020 CSS. Intellectual rights (radio station id to illustrate logo incorporation used without permission) can be removed once the owner of the work has been established, however the name of the station will remain, unless the software is purchased by the station concerned.